Online tools and services you did not know you needed

Most of us spend quite a bit of time aimlessly surfing the web. One thing leads to another and before you know it, half an hour has passed and it is time to pick up the kids. For many of us browsing online is a great way to relax, feed our curiosity and explore things we would otherwise miss.

It is also a good way to uncover useful products, services and apps that you did not know you needed. Often, we end up solving problems that have been annoying us for ages. Below, are a few apps, services and tools that could prove to be useful, for many people.

An easy way to improve your writing

If you are studying for a new profession, being able to turn in essays, dissertations and other materials that are free from errors is essential. Students who submit work that has been professionally proofread and edited by a firm like will always find it easier to get high marks.

Regardless of what subject you are studying, the chances are that you will spend hundreds of hours doing so. It would be a shame to allow grammatical errors and passages that do not read well to pull your marks down. Paying a professional proofreader to check your work before submission will ensure that you make the most of all that time, effort and expense.

These kinds of services can also be used to check over other important documents. Things like job and university applications, as well as formal letters.

A good budgeting app

Most of us have a limited income, so it is vital that we watch what we spend. The most effective way to do this is to track it in real-time. An app like Yolt which enables you to track several accounts is a good way to do this. Money Dashboard is another one that is worth looking at.

Clear your debts faster

If you have run up debts, clearing them as quickly as possible will save you a lot of money. The debt snowball method has proven to work well for all kinds of people. You can download the Debt Free app and use that to implement this effective debt-clearing strategy.

Help with household maths problems

Most people find applying the math that they learned at school to everyday life to be a bit of a challenge. Simple arithmetic tasks like adding up how much they have spent on groceries is something most people can easily do. But, working out how much material is needed to cover a sofa or how many tiles you need to buy for your bathroom can be more challenging. Usually, if you do a simple online search, you can find a calculator to help you out with these mathematical challenges.

Where to find more useful apps

If you have enjoyed the above suggestions and would like more, you can find 7 great ones by clicking this link. The useful apps you will find there are all free to download and use.