Spin Mania by Drumond Park

Spin Mania by Drumond Park

Little man and I have been busy playing with Spin Mania. It is recommended for children aged 6+ however it can also be enjoyed by younger kids and adults. I must say that I have been enjoying it and so has little man!

Drumond Park is the UK’s leading independent games company with a large selection of games and they have just launched a new collection of action games for children.

Spin Mania Contents

Spin Mania (RRP £22.99) is a unique fast-paced and totally gripping game for two or more players. It is a test of speed and agility which can be played with friends or solo.

This thrilling game consists of a motorised Spinning Machine with an electronic timer, three orange helicopter-like rotary plates, a ‘spin-spike’, and three purple stands placed around the room on which to set the plates once they are spinning correctly.

Little man Playing Spin Mania

The challenge is to ‘spin-up’ the three plates on the Spinning Machine one at a time – and then, using your spin-spike, transfer them, still spinning, to the three separate stands.

All three plates must still be spinning on their stands as the player rushes back to the timer, stops the clock, and marks the time taken. Then the next player or players strive to beat the time recorded.

All Plates Spinning at the Same TimeSpin Mania is a very challenging game, even I needed a few turns before managing to get all three plates spinning at the same time.

It requires excellent powers of concentration and steady hands, plus eagle eyes and a good turn of speed.

Spin Mania by Drumond Park

The tricky part is that your opponent places the stands, when you are not looking, so you must have eagle eyes, quick feed and steady hands to win.

We played the game on the floor with all stands nearby the spin base and it was quite challenging to get all three plates spinning on their stands.

I like the fact that you can adapt the game according to the age of the players and decide whether you would like to play it a bit easier or more difficult. You can adjust the level of difficulty.

Little man played Spin Mania in his own way, he needed a bit of help, but he thoroughly enjoyed it. Spin Mania makes a great Christmas present.

For the children to fully appreciate Spin Mania, it is recommended for kids aged 6 or more, however little ones will also have fun.

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This product was provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

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