Love is in the Air: Romantic Tulips Gift Bag by Bunches

Romantic Tulips Gift Bag by Bunches
Romantic Tulips Gift Bag by Bunches

Bunches is the leading online florist to send flowers by post.

Bunches delivers gorgeous fresh flowers throughout the UK.

There is a large variety of luxury bouquets and helium balloons on offer.

You can easily tailor your order according to the occasion and your budget by choosing the type and colour of flowers.

Delivery Box for Flowers
Delivery Box for Flowers

Besides, Bunches offers free UK delivery and all online orders are sent with free chocolates – flowers and chocolates, you can’t go wrong with that!

I love flowers all year round, but I find them extra special on Valentine’s Day!

You could call me old-fashioned but in my opinion, Valentine’s Day is not the same without flowers!

When I got home from work and saw the flowers, it put a big smile on my face.

Red Dutch Tulips Bouquet
Red Dutch Tulips Bouquet

I was sent Romantic Tulips Gift Bag and it arrived in a nice box that kept my gorgeous flowers safe against any damages during delivery.

Once I opened the box, I noticed that it included a box of chocolates and liquid flower food.

Bunches Milk Chocolate
Bunches Milk Chocolate

You could enjoy the chocolates with your Valentine while you admire the gorgeous flowers!

Chocolates and Flower Food
Chocolates and Flower Food

There are 6 cute milk chocolate coins in the chocolate box.

The chocolates come in two different designs, one is a flower bouquet and the other one is a single rose.

There are 15 red Dutch Tulips which are perfectly complemented with salad leaf and finished with a keepsake cupid pick.

Red is my favourite colour, not only because it matches my hair, but it is also means love and passion – so for me flowers should be red on Valentine’s Day!

The Red Tulips are absolutely gorgeous, they are vibrant and elegant!

Before receiving those tulips, red roses were my favourite flower, but I think I prefer red tulips now!

Ready-to-display Heart Bag
Ready-to-display Heart Bag

The Romantic Tulips Gift Bag was delivered in a gorgeous ready-to-display heart bag, white bag with red hearts print.

The bouquet is really easy to look after as it can be displayed in its wrapping and bag.

There is a magic water cube hidden away in the heart bag to make sure that the flowers get enough to drink.

You just need to top up the magic water cube and the special flower food every couple of days.

There is no mess, no fuss and no vase required.

The keepsake cupid pick is unbelievably cute and it makes the gift even more special as your Valentine will be able to keep it once the flowers go.

Keepsake Cupid Pick
Keepsake Cupid Pick

The Romantic Tulips Gift Bag doesn’t need any arranging as it comes ready to be displayed.

The red Dutch Tulips are delivered in bud to allow the recipient to enjoy them opening at home.

I loved receiving my Romantic Tulips Gift Bag, I am proudly displaying them in my living room and looking at them as I write this blog post.

The Romantic Tulips Gift Bag retails at £26.99.

Make sure you check out Bunches website to see their stunning selection of Valentine’s flowers and gifts.

I have noticed on their website that the options are endless for Valentine’s flowers!

Romantic Tulips Gift Bag
Romantic Tulips Gift Bag

You can choose from a luxurious single red Rose to a gorgeous Valentine’s bouquet with Upper Class red Roses, crimson Gerbera and keepsake heart pick.

Whichever you choose, they are sure to sweep them off their feet this Valentine’s Day!

Bunches delivery of Valentine’s flowers include free milk chocolates and UK courier delivery guaranteed to arrive on Valentine’s Day.

You can follow Bunches on Twitter and Bunches on Facebook.

The product was provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

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