Children’s Book: Let’s Talk About… Series “My New Baby!” and “Bed Beds and Bedtime”

First Experience books have a new range called Let’s Talk About… by Stella Gurney and Fiona Freund. These books are aimed at encouraging parents and children to discuss various situations, such as getting a new brother and sister in Let’s Talk About … My New Baby! or moving into a new bed in Let’s Talk About … Big Beds and Bedtime.

A fresh and original “first encounters” series, discussing the key developmental stages of childhood – from bedtime and new babies to potty training and the ‘no’ word – in an entertaining and un-patronising format.

Aimed at toddlers, preschoolers, and their parents the books have a lively and contemporary design, incorporating photographs, illustration, text and speech bubbles in a bold, simple comic-strip style.

Let’s Talk About… Big Beds and Bedtime
Let’s Talk About… Big Beds and Bedtime

The Let’s Talk About… titles are fun, visually stimulating, easy for young children to navigate and perfect to enjoy together.

The series marks a departure from existing books of this kind by reflecting young children’s and their parents’ actual experiences; real environments and real situations with an authentic toddler’s voice, accompanied by useful information and advice for parents and children.

Let’s Talk About… Big Beds and Bedtime
Let’s Talk About… Big Beds and Bedtime

Let’s Talk About… Big Beds and Bedtime (RRP £5.99)

Layla is 2 and Mum and Dad say it’s time for her to move to a Big Bed! We share this important ritual in any child’s life, as Layla prepares for her first night; banishes monsters; attempts some late-night wanderings, and finally wakes, jubilant (if a bit too early). From sleeping in unfamiliar places to getting up in the night; fear of the dark to waking up early, this sleep book has got it all wrapped up (in a big duvet).

Let’s Talk About... My New Baby!
Let’s Talk About… My New Baby!

Let’s Talk About… My New Baby (RRP £5.99)

Jack is 2, and soon he’ll have a new baby brother or sister. While Jack narrates what is going on around him, simple, funny cartoons show his perceptions of how his mummy will ‘have’ the baby; how he will share his mummy with the baby; his real feelings about the baby when it finally arrives and much more. Featuring breastfeeding, tears and telly, this is a new baby book with a difference!

Let’s Talk About… My New Baby
Let’s Talk About… My New Baby

Let’s Talk About … are honest, funny children’s books that reflect kids’ real lives and talk about tricky things, such as how they really feel about their new sibling and what bedtime is.

I really like the fact that Let’s Talk About… series are not how-to manuals, instead they aim to facilitate communication between parents and children. It’s a great opportunity to talk about new or difficult issues.

No matter how many times our little ones had their bedtime routine, sometimes they just refuse to follow it and go to bed as they should.

Let’s talk about… series is bright and colourful with catching real life pictures. It’s also refreshing to see books written in a child’s voice and from their point of view.

So far, we have really enjoy the first two books of series “Let’s Talk About… My New Baby!” and “Let’s Talk About… Big Beds and Bedtime”. I’m looking forward to the new titles coming out next year:Let’s Talk About… Pants and Potties” and “Let’s Talk About… The ‘No’ Word”

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The products were provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

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