Little Man’s Dream Bedroom

Little Man's Current Bedroom
Little Man’s Current Bedroom

When I asked little man what he would like in his dream bedroom, I was expecting him to say trains and airplanes, but instead he said he wanted animals, animals and more animals.

Little man’s bedroom is painted blue at the moment with a transport themed wallpaper across the room and road themed carpet.

He loves having a duvet with colourful animals, he picked it himself, and he also likes a selection of soft toys on his bed, including a green frog.

Drawing his Dream Bedroom
Drawing his Dream Bedroom

He started by drawing his dream bedroom using crayons, he was quite sensible drawing a bed with pillow.

But then thought it would be a good idea to also draw a bright yellow sun, a green forest with trees, a blue train and a red airplane.

Little man had his birthday party over the weekend, and he was given a cool play doh kit as one of his birthday presents.

To make it more lively, he made lots of different animals using colourful play doh to complete his dream bedroom.

Using Play Doh to Make Animals
Using Play Doh to Make Animals

He had lots of fun making the different animals: he made a green turtle to go on his bed, an yellow sun and green crocodile.

He also made a brown caterpillar, silver mole, golden monkey, green frog, white rabbit, orange cow and yellow giraffe.

I must say I was impressed and surprised by my son’s idea of what his dream bedroom would look like.

The final result was totally different from what I expected – but I loved it!

Little Man's Dream Bedroom
Little Man’s Dream Bedroom

Once his masterpiece was ready, I mentioned that his bedroom was looking more like a zoo and I wondered where he would sleep.

He said he would like a zoo themed duvet similar to the one he already has, with lots of animals on it.

He then said that he could have the animals painted on the wall and lots of soft toys to make this bedroom like a zoo.

I must confess I really enjoyed listening to little man’s ideas and finding out more about what he likes and enjoys.

We are planning on decorating in the summer, so we will keep in mind his animal themed dream bedroom when painting his bedroom.

Little Man's Dream Bedroom
Little Man’s Dream Bedroom

Little man made a little video of his dream bedroom:

This is my entry into Little Greene’s child safe paint competition. Find out more at:

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