Wolly and Tig First Day DVD

Little man loves watching Wolly and Tig and I must say I enjoy it too. The music is very catchy and sometimes I don’t even realise I am singing: “I love Wolly and Wolly loves me, we’ve been together since we were wee..”

CBeebies Show Woolly & Tig is available for the first time on DVD, it is a live action series about a three year old and her toy spider. Little man has only just turned 4 a few days ago, so he really identifies with Wolly and Tig.

Wolly and Tig First Day DVD
Wolly and Tig First Day DVD

‘Woolly and Tig’ is an aid to understanding the ‘self’, providing a keystone in learning for the pre-school child. The show takes the form of short, five-minute live action dramas about a three year old girl and her toy spider.

The dramas explore the feelings that children have when faced with new experiences. From a first day at nursery school to meeting a man with a beard, uncertainty and anxiety are replaced by fun and laughter when Woolly is animated to life. Anger, jealousy, fear, sadness are just some of the feelings explored in a simple, fun and positive way.

In this DVD, there are 15 episodes.  They are First Day; Changing my Room; Hair Wash Day; Baby Ben; Granny No No; Sharing; Losing Things; Open Wide; Swing Park; The Funfair; Eating New Foods; Choosing; Fire alarm; The Beard; and Hair Cut.

Wolly and Tig is great for pre-school children, it helps them deal with daily situations and it’s a good opportunity for parents to have a chat about those issues. It comes with a free reward chart and stickers.

Wolly and Tig First Day DVD is available to purchase at all good stocklists.

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