iDBUS Premium Long Distance Coach from London to France

We love travelling – if I had a penny for each time I said it, I would be rich by now and be able to afford more holidays! In our Living an Eternal Holiday post, I’ve shared our holidays to France.

Family Holiday to France
Family Holiday to France

We have travelled several times to France as our cousins live there, we usually fly, but last Christmas we drove instead. Until a few days ago, I wasn’t aware of iDBUS, a Premium Long Distance Coach from London to France, Paris, Lille and London. The coaches are 4 star and completely kittled with comfortable and wide seating, adjustable reading table and foot rest, reclining seats, along with WiFi and plug-in points.

iDBUS offers frequent services to make all journeys simple, easy and accessible. All scheduled times were selected to provide passengers with maximum convenience, with overnight journeys which enable travellers to make the most of their time, saving the cost of a night in a hotel.

iDBUS I must admit that we have never considered travelling to France by coach until now, but it seems to be a great alternative to car. The journey from London to Lyon takes 16h 30min, but considering that most of the journey is overnight, time would go by quickly as little man would sleep most of it. Not only that, there are also mini prices to Europe, even at last minute, £29 to Lille, £35 to Paris and £45 to Lyon, making the journey very affordable and much cheaper than travelling by car.

If you are planning on getting away during the school holidays, you could travel to France by coach. I have also noticed that iDBUS offers great group deals perfect for a family. The deal is as follows: reserve 4-7 seats and get one free, and reserve 8-9 seats and get two free.

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