Summer Holiday Activities with Asda: Build Solar System #SaveSummer

Summer’s officially here and we have been invited take part in Asda’s latest campaign, #SaveSummer, to keep little entertained over the summer holidays. Asda have thought of a fabulous list of wild and wonderful activities that are sure to get you in the summer mood. All the ingredients for the activities can be ordered at

This is the fifth week, so far we have done Week 1: Grow Green Hair, Week 2: Angry Water Birds, Week 3: Ice Cream Burgers, Week 4: Onesies Movie Marathon – little man and his cousins are loving #SaveSummer activities!

Week 5: To Infinity and Beyond

Learn all about the planets by building your own solar system!


Solar System

You will need:

  • Disposable Plastic Plates
  • Kitchen Foil
  • Glue
  • Paint and brushes
  • Mixed Sequins
  • Cotton Wool Balls
  • Flosss


  1. Get out one paper plate for every planet and anything shiny you find in your cupboards
  2. Get messy to decorate them, for inspiration look at what others have been doing or print the planets map.
  3. Once the planets have dried, you can hang them with dental floss, which will make your solar system smell minty fresh
  4. Share your pictures using #SaveSummer

To make the solar system, we followed the instructions in the planets map:

  • A bright and big sun
Making the Sun
Making the Sun
  • The smallest planet in our solar system is mercury, trace around a mug and cut to size.
Making Planets
Making Planets
  • Venus is the brightest planet so cover in tinfoil and it will reflect the sunlight.
  • On your Earth, mark all the places you have been on holiday.
  • Known as the rocky planet smear your Mars with glue and sprinkle sand or gravel on it.
Making Mars
Making Mars
  • When you hang Jupiter twist the floss so it spins almost as fast as the real planet.
  • Scrunch some tinfoil into a long sausage and put it in the freezer to make Saturn’s icy cold rings.
  • Uranus is one of the more airy planets so cover it with cotton balls and paint them blue.
Making Uranus
Making Uranus
  • To make the right colour for Neptune, mix two parts of blue paint to one part red.
  • Pluto is the smallest planet, far away in the solar system
Decorating the Planets
Decorating the Planets

After all the planets were done and the paint was dry, little man loved decorating them with shiny sequins of different shapes, sizes and colours.

Solar System
Solar System

Little man had a lovely time making the solar system and learning the name of the planets. He was very proud once the solar system was ready. We decided to put the planets on a board made of a flat cardboard box covered in foil.

I was invited to take part in the #SaveSummer campaign and the materials were provided. However the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

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