Kids Book: Mine! by Sarah Hammond

As you are aware, we are part of Parragon Book Review Club as a Parragon Book Buddy. We are excited to receive new children’s books on a regular basis, this month we have received Mine!

Mine! (RRP £5.99) Is a picture book written by Sarah Hammond and illustrated by Laura Hughes. Mine is a hilarious true book about how little girls play. It explores the dynamic between two little girls learning to play together, and also learning that what is different about them can be good too.

Mine! by Sarah Hammond
Mine! by Sarah Hammond

Kitty is the cafe lady, and everything is in order: tea for Teddy in the tall cup, cakes for Pansy on the pink plate, biscuits for Bingo in the brown bowl.

Everything was in order in Kitty’s Cafe until her friend Lea arrives and suddenly it all changes, she introduces new cafe guests and music, which makes Kitty upset. Sulking, Kitty hides in her tent, but it is all very quiet without her friend Lea. Mine! Is a funny and beautiful illustrated exploration of how children learn to play together, from an exciting new author/illustrator pairing.

Mine! by Sarah Hammond
Mine! by Sarah Hammond

I could relate with Kitty when I read the book with little man, when I was little, I had my own way of playing with my toys and, although I have always loved having friends round to play, sometimes it annoyed me how they changed the game. In the end, I realised that it was better to give in and play with friends, than to play on my own, just like Kitty and Lea.

Mine! Is a lovely book, and I’m sure kids would identify with the characters, as the same situation of children playing together happens with both boys and girls.

The product was provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

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