Family Fun Indoors: Swimming #MWactive

Although we enjoy swimming, we don’t go very often, so we were very excited when we went swimming together as a family a few days ago during half-term.

During our holiday to Butlins, we had the opportunity to go to Splash Waterworld which has several lovely slides and swimming pools. There was something for everyone to do, some slides were more appropriate for kids while others had height and age restrictions, so they were more suitable for teenagers and grown-ups.

Woo Hoo! Swimming Fun!
Woo Hoo! Swimming Fun!

Unfortunately I couldn’t take photos of us swimming and splashing around as there is a strict no photography rule in the swimming area. I completely understand as there are so many children playing in swimsuits and I wouldn’t want a stranger taking a photo of my child. However I spoke to the manager and I was able to take photos of the swimming area before it opened to the public.

We Loved Going Down the Slides Together
We Loved Going Down the Slides Together

The whole family had a great time sliding together in the white water slide, they were so much fun! Little man couldn’t get enough of it, so we literally went over and over again on the same slide for around an hour or so. We would go up on the stairs, then slide down and splash around, before moving to another slide.

We Had a Great Time Swimming
We Had a Great Time Swimming

Mummy and daddy also made the most of the grown-up slides, the fast ones. I’m a adrenaline junkie, I love rollercoasters and fast slides, so I really enjoyed a funnel slide (you can see it in the video), it was incredibly fast and I had no idea when I was about to drop. Little man had a great time playing at the colourful kids slide. Overall, we loved swimming together and playing in the slides, we are looking forward to doing it all again soon!

Little Man's Favourite Kids Slide
Little Man’s Favourite Kids Slide

October is a Stay Active month and in order to encourage children and parents alike to stay fit and healthy, Mark Warner, the family activity holiday specialists, is hosting the Stay Active Family Challenge. We have agreed on taking part of the challenge by spending a minimum of 4 hours over the month taking part in activities of our choice as a family, and we are having a great time being active together!

We’ve been having so much family fun lately, from Little Adventures at the park where we looked for bugs, insects and spiders; to a Family Fun Day in the Park looking for conkers and playing in the playground. We put together our Top 5 Family Fun Activities, we have been enjoying some Pedalling Family Fun at the Lake, Football Family Fun and Family Fun Day at the Beach.

Apart from our scheduled family activities, we have also incorporated more walking into our daily tasks. We are making an effort to walking more and being more active, dancing at home and playing indoor games that keep us moving . We have thoroughly enjoyed taking part of the challenge and staying active together and we will keep active as a result!

I would love to hear what you are up to? Please feel free to share your activities and any suggestions you may have. Why not share your pictures or tweets with Mark Warner on twitter @mwholidays using the hashtag #mwactive. You can also search the hashtag for inspiration.

This post is part of our entry into Mark Warner’s Active Family Challenge. However the opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.

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