Looking for Original Gift Ideas? Give the Gift of Time this Christmas with TaskRabbit

As a busy mum, I know very well how long it takes to look after little man, while cleaning the house, running errands and working at the same time. I wish the days were longer and I had extra time to tick everything off my to-do list. Unfortunately days can’t get any longer, however I can find a local helper to get my tasks done.

TaskRabbit is a brand new service in the UK, which allows you to give magic hours back to yourself and those that need the most. You can find a range of Taskers, from house cleaner, to handyman and even a Christmas helper. Whether you are looking to tidy up, fix something or spread cheer, there is one Tasker for you!

TaskRabbit Services
TaskRabbit Services

Christmas is a such lovely time, however it is so busy. I never seem to find the time to do everything that I need to at this time of the year. If you are looking for an original gift idea and know someone that could do with a helping hand, you can give them ‘The Gift of Time’ with TaskRabbit. Perfect for busy parents and time-pushed professionals!

The talented Taskers will take everyday tasks off your hands, whether it’s putting out the bins or wrapping all those presents, and give you a bit more free time to get out for that run, go for a drink with the girls, or read your kids a bedtime story.

I had a look on the website and it is simple and easy to book your very own tasker. After describing the work that needs to be completed, you can pick your tasker from the list of available taskers, then check their description and details.

Chooking Tasker on TaskRabbit
Chooking Tasker on TaskRabbit

With our lives are busier than ever, we all know someone (if not ourselves!) who could do with an extra couple of hours a week to do less of what they have to, and more of what they want, and we’re never busier than during the run-up to Christmas. TaskRabbit recently found that 60% of Brits would wish for time at Christmas if it was possible (YouGov). The research also found:

  • Understandably nearly 60% (57%) of respondents with 3+ kids in their household dread Mondays
  • 61% of Brits with 3 or more kids in their household would spend time with their partner if they had more time in the day (more than any other range (0 – 2)
  • 50% of respondents with children in their household spend more than 3 hours a week on cleaning. Our analysis of the results suggests that’s 156 hours a year and 2808 hours by the time the kids are 18 years old
  • 50% of adults living with children spend more than 3 hours on chores each week –  with almost 80% (77%) of adults living with children wishing they had more time in the day
TaskRabbit House Cleaning Tasker
TaskRabbit House Cleaning Tasker

Give the gift of time this Christmas with TaskRabbit! Whether you want to get in the good books with your hubby, help your friends avoid their most dreaded chore – from de-scaling kettles to taking the dog to the vet, or give your son and daughter a helping hand as they build their career – assembling their new flat pack bed and picking up emergency forgotten Secret Santa gifts. Giving them more time to do what they want, is guaranteed to make them smile.

I would love to be given the Gift of Time this Christmas as I can certainly do with a helping hand. I will be testing TaskRabbit very soon and let you all know how I get on. In the meanwhile, please check https://www.taskrabbit.co.uk/ for more information on TaskRabbit and to book your very own Tasker.

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