Little Man’s Perfect Mother’s Day Outfit

My first Mother’s Day was a few weeks before giving birth when little man was still a bump. I wasn’t officially a mother, but I was heavily pregnant and we celebrated it anyway. As little man gets older, I look forward to Mother’s Day even more, he comes home from school with a homemade gift and we get to spend the day together on Mothering Sunday.

Vertbaudet Mother's Day Outfit
Vertbaudet Mother’s Day Outfit

I am looking forward to our meal this Mother’s Day, spending quality time together and I want our little boy to look his best.

Vertbaudet has a large selection of boy’s clothes, I first heard about their lovely range when little man was a baby, our order arrived on time and even came with a free gift. We are not going anywhere fancy, but I just love when little man dresses up and looks smart.

My perfect Mother’s Day Outfit would be with this Cotton/Linen Smart Jacket (RRP £26.25)  in sand with 3 button fastening, paired up with this gorgeous Slim Fit Trousers (RRP £16.00) in navy with adjustable waist. The trousers would be beautiful with Striped Polo Shirt (RRP £14.00) with a 2 in 1 effect.

Every special occasion needs a special pair of shoes, so little man would wear this elegant Special Occasion Low Ankle Shoes (RRP £31.20). I’m not sure how the weather will be at the end of the month, so I better add a stylish fully lined hooded Parka (RRP £39.00) to his outfit just in case.

I just love little man’s Mother’s Day outfit, he would look so smart!

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