Top Bedroom Ideas for Young Boys

Boys come with a complete agenda of their own: they need space to make a mess as well as to work on creations but also you will need to keep up with their latest heroes from Spiderman, Star Wars! Here are a few suggestions that will help with this overflowing, ongoing wonder:

The young adventurer

Use one wall to expand on the map of the world and match up the brightest colour or his favourite with a rug: wooden floors are brilliant for all the work they tend to do at that level and so easy to clean up too! There are so many to choose from: if you prefer the hanging ones, the paint-safe-hanging-strips or the actual wall-paper style, the world is his oyster. World Map Chalk sketchbook

If he loves his sketch book and cannot stop doodling on every scrap of paper, convert a wall or two into a coloured board where he can cover the walls anytime of day or night. The slate is easily cleaned and reusable, loads of fun when the friends come round too.


With all his gear, kits and toys plus whatever he collects, create some modern storage space units that can surround one wall from floor to ceiling with cool lighting from : if there are two brothers, then the twin bed frames can also accommodate further storage, ie for clothes and nightwear or storage for favourite items.

Morse code or secret message

We are in the age of 3D effects and what better way to put this into effect that to use one wall and part of the ceiling above the bed, to have Braille Wall Flats: you can also find out what they mean or create your own secret story or message to your friends in outer space. There come in from cream colour but there is no reason why you cannot paint them to turn them into a faux headboard or panel.

Lego rules!

Put your building block knowledge to the test and create a mural or have a vinyl wall decal that are individually created to suit your design or have your child’s name on it. This will be a work in progress project and perfect for those rainy days indoors!

Flying high

If he is a budding aviator, exhibit his handy-craft creations hanging from the ceiling or buy the largest one that you can find, framing the images of vintage aeroplanes in large formats on one wall and smaller ones over his bed then colour coordinating the room to the strongest one. He’s ready for take-off! RAAF Museum Cool dude

Bring out the love of Pop Art, without the Austin Powers, and have a wall with the vibrantly groovy colours over one complete wall: you and the boys can create waves of colour with at least five earthy tones then combine it with a black varnished painted bed and a Union Jack central pillow to give it that touch.

Enjoy the trendiest room ever!

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