Spider-Man Themed Children’s Bedroom Makeover

Children’s tastes and preferences change as they mature and grow, and their bedroom décor necessarily must change with it. I love this deceptively simple but visually stunning bedroom that has a strong Batman theme without any of the darkness sometimes associated with the Dark Knight of Gotham City.

Batman Bedroom Makeover
Batman Bedroom Makeover

 You can re-create a similar superhero look in your child’s room with these simple picks:

1) The first thing that springs to the eye is the lovely rich purple of the accent wall, especially as it is so perfectly matched and continued by the purple rug. Choose your child’s favourite strong colour as their accent wall and see how it brings the rest of the room to life. Be certain that you can match the rug to the accent wall or vice versa, before you commit yourself to any purchase. This purple one is from Rug & Roll and I love the texture and feel.

2) The metal strip feature, complete with magnetic board, shelves and two coat hooks (which are perfect for frequently worn jackets and hoodies) adds a lovely maturity to the comic-style graphics. Your touch of metal could be a long strip like the one pictured above, or you could opt for a larger sheet depending on what you prefer for your kids. This Amazon magnetic chalkboard can be both decorative and playful for your kids. 

Spiderman Bedroom Makeover
Spider-Man Bedroom Makeover

3) While it is possible to find a wardrobe already decorated with your chosen theme, this is often a lengthy and time consuming process, and you might prefer to purchase a plain wardrobe and source a large decal or paint it yourself. If you do decide to do it yourself, perhaps practice on an old wardrobe first, until you are confident with your brushwork. This immense Spidey decal is peel and stick, so you can apply it to the wardrobe (carefully cutting it to allow for the doors to open) or stick it directly to the wall. Or you can go for a Super-man book-shelf inspiration by New House of Art.

4) Make sure the superhero theme continues in the bedding too. You can get your kid’s favorite comical characters duvet sets which are available at Yorkshire Linen Co.

5) What makes this bedroom particularly inviting are the pops of colour that occur here and there, such as the red which can be seen in the bedside lamp, one of the floor cushions, and the pillow and sheet as well as Robin’s cloak in the duvet. This quirky Spiderman light is a best-seller at Amazon adds a perfect pop of his trademark red and blue, while giving your child the security of a nightlight. 

6) Even if your child does not have a lot of books, he or she will benefit from having a tall bookcase in the bedroom. Choose between open shelves, such as those pictured and classic book-cases, or opt for something a little more quirky like this open fronted unit, which I saw at Ikea. Your child will have plenty of storage for books or toys, and you can, as in this case, invest in sets of boxes to keep the whole room looking neat and tidy – almost minimalist for a child’s bedroom! 

7) While older children definitely do need a desk or table in their bedroom: for homework, surfing the internet and playing games, it does not have to be huge and bulky. You can opt for a neat and compact Ikea desk which is even height adjustable to accommodate your child’s growth! 

8) Add a cluster of bean bag and floor cushions to give the children somewhere comfortable to sprawl on to read or relax. As well as adding to the décor by continuing colour schemes and décor themes, these features add an air of welcome to the room. Home Scapes Online have a great variety of eye-candy bean bags. 

Complete this look by teaming stark white walls (apart from the accent wall!) with gleaming floorboards. Not only is this an extremely easy to clean option, it is healthier for children with asthma and other respiratory issues. The rug adds a hint of luxury that might otherwise be lacking and the whole room positively invites your youngster to settle in and get comfortable!

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