Back to School: Nutmeg School Uniform by Morrisons

Schools will be back in a few weeks, little man is really enjoying the summer holidays, but he can’t wait to start Year 1. Last year, he had a great start in reception, so we hope he does just as well, or better, in the new academic year.

Back to School: Nutmeg School Uniform by Morrisons
Back to School: Nutmeg School Uniform by Morrisons

Nutmeg offers a wide range of affordable school uniform for boys and girls, including polo shirts, shirts, trousers, dresses, skirts, knitwear and shoes. We tried nutmeg school uniform by Morrisons for the first time last year, and it performed very well. 

Little man is wearing his white polo shirt with red unisex sweatshirt (from £2), made with pure cotton and can be found in red, blue and navy. It is soft and comfortable.

Polo shirt by nutmeg
Polo Shirt by Nutmeg

Polo shirts (from £2 for 2) are made with 100% cotton, machine washable and tumble dry. They can be found in red, blue and white, for boys and girls.

The polo shirts feature knitted rib collar, three button placket, twin needle hem finish, and a very convenient name label inside to write your kids’ name. 

Velcro Plimsols by nutmeg
Velcro Plimsols by Nutmeg

Little man’s school uniform will be worn with Velco plimsolls (£2.50), available from size 6 to 4, with adjustable velcro strap. They are machine washable, slip resistant and non marking, ideal for all the fun in the school playground.

Short Sleeve Shirt and Black Trousers by Nutmeg
Short Sleeve Shirt and Black Trousers by Nutmeg

Short sleeve shirts (from £3 for 2) are easy iron and look smart. The single needle top stitch on shoulder improves appearance and durability, while the two piece collar keeps shape and improves fit. It also has a name label to keep your children’s clothing safe.

Boys woven trousers (from £3) is available in black and charcoal. They are Teflon coated, which repels water, oil and stains, releasing ground in stains. The trousers are hardwearing, featuring adjustable waist and secured hem.

V Neck Jumper by Nutmeg
V Neck Jumper by Nutmeg

The shirt and trousers are worn with a beautifully made v-neck jumper, which is super soft and made with pure cotton.

Little man really likes his new Nutmeg school uniform, it is made using the same great material from last year, so I expect it to last just as long. If little man wasn’t so clumsy and messy, he would still be able to wear last year’s uniform, but it is somehow covered in black permanent marker.  Besides, I quite like starting the new academic year in fresh school uniform.

 Nutmeg school uniform is perfect to get little ones ready for school, at reasonable prices. Check it out at your nearest Morrisons. 

Nutmeg school uniform is available from 4 to 13 years old, in stores nationwide. For more information, please check:

The products were provided free of charge for review purposes, however the opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.

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