Living Total Performance by Michelin

I really enjoy driving, we have driven a lot in the UK, our Road Trip: London – Warrington – Blackpool was great fun, and we have even gone to France by car. Driving makes me feel free, and I love the fact it takes us to lovely family days out.

Although hubby does most of the driving when we are together, I drive whenever he is not around, whether it is to do our grocery shopping, take little man to places, or visit family and friends.   

More Comfortable Driving on Dangerous Conditions

Driving is fun, but it can be potentially dangerous as there are so many reckless drivers out there. I am usually very careful, I follow speed limits and use my indicator whenever I am turning, however not everyone seems to do the same. Hubby is responsible for keeping our car serviced, making sure the tyres are in good condition and our car is safe.

Michelin has recently launched a new campaign, Living Total Performance, where 3,000 drivers across Europe were invited to join a live experiment to help Michelin understand more about driving in real daily situations.

In the live driving lab, cars were fitted with special monitors and live feed data, in order to give Michelin a better understanding of real people’s driving usage to help develop Michelin Total Performance tyres.

The new campaign has interesting myth busters, such as driving on straight roads, winter tyres, light summer rain dangers and much more. Check out the video below for further details:


This post was written in collaboration with Michelin, however the opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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