Top 10 Crafting Activities on Summer Holidays

Half way through the summer holidays, we thoroughly enjoyed our family holiday to Italy, and now we want to make the most of the next 3 weeks at home, and have lots of fun together with affordable and creative activities.

I’ve recently read a lovely article on crafting kids activities, full of inspiring and cheap suggestions, so I thought I would pick our favourite, together with some crafting that we have done before, to try and do them over the next few weeks.

  1. Bubble Printing

Little man loves painting and bubbles, so you can’t go wrong with bubble printing. You can make some lovely card designs with bubble printing.

  1. Nature Collage Suncatcher

Going to the park and collecting flowers and leaves along the way is one of little man’s favourite activities. Now we could use his findings to make a nature collage suncatcher, and proudly display his artwork by the window. 

Family of Grass Heads
Family of Grass Heads
  1. Grass Heads

We made some grass heads last summer and loved making and decorating the grass heads. Little man also enjoyed watering the grass heads and looking after them. It grew pretty quickly, so it is ideal as a summer activity as you can notice the changes each day. 

  1. Sandy Handprint Keepsake

Making a sandy handprint keepsake sounds fun, and a great way to remind you of a family day out by the seaside. I am not sure whether we will have another opportunity to go to the beach this summer, but perhaps I could use sand from the sandpit.

Making Cards with Petals
  1. Cards with Petals

Using petals to decorate cards are a great way of recycling old petals. You can use any type of flowers and the more colourful, the better. Just stick them on colourful paper with some other crafting bits to create beautiful cards.

6. Rainbow Sea Shells

Rainbow sea shells are easy to make and perfect for both young and older children. It is a lovely activity to get kids of different ages working together to create a beautiful rainbow sea shell. 

7. Sun Melted Crayon Art

We have lots of small pieces of crayons around the house, it is a great idea to melt them in the sun and use to make some modern sun melted crayon art.

Having Fun with Paper Boats
Having Fun with Paper Boats

8. Egg Carton Sail Boat

We love making and decorating paper boats, then playing with them at our local lake. This summer we will try to make egg carton sail boats, and have a boat race.

 9. Pet Rocks

Pet rocks are cute and fun to make. We don’t have a dog or cat, so little man can have colorful and funky pet rocks instead. They are easy to make with rocks, permanent marks, paints and googly eyes.

10. Tie Dye Tote Bag

Little man loves organising his toys in a bag, and tie dye is a fun and exciting way to change the colour of tote bags – you never know exactly how the tote bag is going to be!

What are you up to this summer?

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