Selfies: Love or Loathe?

Love or loathe, selfies are here to stay. I must confess I quite like a selfie or two, they are great to capture the moment and treasure family memories. If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice that I share selfies every now and then, especially of our family days out.

I have recently read some shocking news on the Daily Mail that young people are sending inappropriate selfies to others and their parents have no idea about it. 

The research, conducted by My Voucher Codes, surveyed 18 to 24 year olds and parents. Would you believe that 38% of teenagers and young adults have sent nude pictures of themselves? However I found even more shocking to find out that an alarming 87% of parents strongly believe that their children have never and would never send inappropriate selfies to someone else. 

Although our son is still little, sometimes I worry how he will be once he is a teenager. I remember it wasn’t easy growing up when I was younger and peer pressure may make you do silly things sometimes. I just hope I am able to speak to him and make sure he understands that he shouldn’t take such pictures and share with others.

Although little man is only 5, he is well aware of selfies and enjoys taking photos of himself. On our recent visit to Warwick Castle, little man was taking selfies with Mike the Knight’s dragon.

#DragonSelfie at Warwick Castle
#DragonSelfie at Warwick Castle

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve found pictures of little man on my phone, some smiling, others pulling faces, there were some that he wasn’t even in the picture.

It is quite funny seeing his selfies, but I believe it is important to draw a line and make sure children understand that a few things should be kept private, and they shouldn’t take nude photos of themselves.

What are your thoughts on selfies?

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