Indoor Play: Top 3 Family Games

The days are getting shorter and colder, but instead of wishing our life away, we are making the most of the longer evenings by playing some family games and spending some quality time together.

House of Fraser has a lovely selection of games and puzzles, perfect to be enjoyed in a cosy night in. Our favourite board games are:

Mask ‘n’ Ask

Playing Mask ‘n’ Ask
Playing Mask ‘n’ Ask

Mask ‘n’ Ask, fun board game suitable for children aged 7 and above, it comes with thirty masks with colourful animal faces on one side, and jokey-looking human characters on the other,. Each player chooses a pair of red, yellow, green or blue glasses, takes a mask without looking at the picture on the other side, and clips it onto their glasses.

Each player has a turn spinning the spinner – then asks the others the question printed on the board, on which their playing piece has landed.  For human characters, this might be “Do I have glasses?”, and for animals it could be “Do I live in the wild in Britain?” and so on.

We thoroughly enjoyed playing with Mask ‘n’ Ask, little man loved pretending to be an animal and different characters, while I really like the fact you can have two boards games in one, the board and the cards are double sided.

LOGO What am I?

LOGO What am I?
LOGO What am I?

LOGO What am I? combines three activities built in one game, players get to use their guessing, drawing and describing skills. Game play is simple.  Each card has three different categories – Draw It, Describe It and Guess It – and the activity to be carried out relates to the icon upon which the player’s piece is resting.

Draw It!  The ‘Draw It’ rounds give the player two options. The player sketches away at their chosen subject within the 60-second timer limit.  Describe It!  In this round, the cardholder has 60 seconds to describe the three products or brands shown on the card.

Guess It!  The ‘Guess It’ side of the card shows a picture of a well-known product or brand, and you keep it hidden from the other players, who have sixty seconds to identify it by asking questions. The first player to throw the dice to move them onto or past the LOGO What Am I? centre zone wins the game – jointly with the player who guessed with them correctly on that turn.

Gross Magic Set:

Gross Magic Set by Drumond Park
Gross Magic Set by Drumond Park

Better than a magic set, it is a revolting magic set with disgusting and shockingly skilful magic tricks. Gross Magic Set comes with a selection of kids’ favourites props and tricks, such as snot, slime, dandruff, toenail clippings, cockroaches and creepy crawlies, squashed eyeballs and even toilet full of poo.

There are plenty magic tricks in the box, suitable for every taste, from plastic cockroach and cockroach eggs in the envelope trick to miniature toilet. You can also do tricks with rubbish, bad breath, toilet paper, sludge, snotty hankies, trained fleas and crunching bones.

Gross Magic Set is a great magic kit, full of props and tricks to keep children and adults entertained. It comes with a full set of instructions, so you simply need to follow the instructions to perform revolting magic tricks.

What are your favourite family games?

The products were provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.

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