How to Make Sock Puppets

Our half-term has been busier than expected, it’s only half-way through the week and we have done lots of activities, including baking delicious chocolate chip cupcakes, and crafting.

I am convinced we have a sock monster at home, as somehow we put a pair of socks in the washing machine and only one of them comes out. No idea where they go! In case you also have a sock issue, you could put them to good use and make sock puppets with the kids.

Sock Puppet
Sock Puppet

Little man loves playing with puppets and crafting, so you can imagine how much he enjoyed making sock puppets and putting on a puppet show. 

How to make sock puppets:

What you will need:

    • Odd socks
    • Buttons
    • Glue
    • Wool
    • Cardboard or felt
Sock Puppet Materials
Sock Puppet Materials

How to do it:

      • Find an old clean sock that’s long enough to go up your arm.
      • Put your hand inside to make the basic mouth shape with your thumb and fingers.
      • Sew on two buttons or glue on two circles for eyes.
      • Now decide what other features to add: some wool hair, whiskers, eyelashes, a tongue.
Making Sock Puppets
Making Sock Puppets

Little man started by drawing the sock puppet features with felt. Then he put glue on them to stick buttons on the eyes and nose, wool for the mouth.

He used a bunch of wool to make some hair, and decided to draw all over one of his puppets, as apparently he had chickenpox.

Not only little man really enjoying getting creative while making his puppet, he loved playing with them and had so much fun!  We will be making more sock puppets out of the loose socks around the house.

Sock Puppet
Sock Puppet

Like the other activities in Flora Buttery’s Family Fun Guide, it was simple and easy to make sock puppets, and you can use items found around the house. 

Check out Flora Buttery’s Family Fun Guide for half-term inspiration on and check out our Instagram page to keep up with our activities this week.

What is your favourite crafting activity?

We received a Boredom Busting Basket to try Family Fun Guide from Flora Buttery, however the opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.

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