Top Tips for the Perfect Steak

Summer has finally arrived and we love nothing more than getting together with friends for a good old BBQ.

Growing up in Brazil, my parents would often invite our family and friends for lunch, and we would usually have BBQ. Luckily hubby really enjoys putting the charcoal on and making a selection of meat, just like my family in Brazil.

Our favourite BBQ meat is steak, nothing beats a good steak! DJ BBQ, Christian Stevenson, who is just as obsessed with a good BBQ as we are, has teamed up with Asda to share his tips and tricks on the perfect steak. 

Taste of London 2015e

DJ BBQ recipe for the perfect steak:

  1. Take your steak out of the fridge so it is at room temperature
  1. Melt a pot of unsalted butter and keep it close by
  1. Grab an old wooden spoon. On the pointed end, place a bunch of Rosemary sprigs, Thyme, and Sage. Tie onto the end of the spoon creating a herb wand(herb brush)
  1. You need a hot heat to grill/cook your steak
  1. Season the steak with big sea salt flakes
  1. Throw it on the grill for one minute
  1. Flip and grill the other side for another minute. If it’s a thick steak, seer the perimeter
  1. Once you’ve seared the entire steak, dip the herb wand into the melted butter and slather the steak with that herby buttery goodness
  1. Keep cooking and slathering with butter until you’ve achieved the steak you want

I would cook steaks to the following specs: 

  • Filet- Rare
  • Sirloin- Rare to medium rare
  • Ribeye- Medium rare to medium
  • Rump- Medium rare to medium
  • Porterhouse- Rare to Medium Rare.  You’ll need more cooking time as you are cooking on the bone

Remember, when a steak is marbled like a Ribeye, you want that fat to render down to flavour the meat hence why you need to take it to medium rare and medium.

Some people like a well-done steak.  And that’s OK, but it is harder to achieve the perfect well-done steak. There is such a small window where the steak can go dry.  My advice to cook the steak to medium and let it rest for a good amount of time, lightly placing some foil over top so it continues to cook.  It will go to medium well or well done and remain juicy and super tasty.

BBQ Infographic

How do you like your steak?


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