A Little Tale from a Serious Foodie Family #MarkWarnerMum

Once upon a time there was a young lady from Brazil. She came to London and, one day, she unexpectedly met her prince charming. Not only was he handsome, he had some special powers…

Although he couldn’t fly or become invisible, he sneakily found a way to her heart. They met at work, she was hungry and didn’t know how to cook. The handsome chef put on a spell on her, actually, he cooked some delicious dishes that she couldn’t resist and won her belly, I mean, her heart!

Daddy Chef 2

Daddy Chef taught mummy how to cook and how to appreciate different flavours and cuisines. Mummy Chef even went to a few cooking and baking masterclasses to improve her skills in the kitchen.

Mummy Chef

The happy couple got married and, a few years later, their bundle of joy arrived. The cute baby was just like his parents: loved his food.

The years went by and the little chef got involved in the kitchen, shadowing daddy chef and being more passionate about food every day! 

Daddy Chef and Little Chef 2

We were enjoying life so much that we wanted to record our memories. Mummy Chef then had a brilliant idea: start writing our family blog Lilinha Angel’s World to document our journey.

Our first ever blog post was “Making Family Chores Fun” in which Daddy Chef and Little Chef were making a fruit salad together in the kitchen.

Little Chef 2

Little man was only two years old and was already having a great time in the kitchen. He is very proud of his achievement: learning to flip his first ever pancake before his third birthday!

Little Chef 3b

The little chef started making several different recipes: cupcakes, flapjacks, cookies and pizzas. What started as ‘I’m helping mummy and daddy in the kitchen’ turned into a weekend hobbie treasured by the whole family.

Little Chef 5b

Little chef also started sharing his video tutorials on Youtube and learning more about food, just like mummy and daddy. What a journey we embarked on as a family!

Now little chef is nearly 7 and he still loves cooking and baking. A few days ago, he shared his heart-shaped Nutella brownies, featuring only 3 ingredients.

Heart Shaped Nutella Brownie 3

This is how we became a Serious Foodie Family! We love trying new dishes, embarking on new adventures and talking about them! Together we had the wonderful opportunity to go to amazing restaurants, experience cuisines from around the world, fine dining and a variety of different dishes and meals.

As a result, we now have very high expectations when we go on holiday!

We expect:

  • Marvellous breakfast while
  • Admiring the stunning views.
  • Rays of sunshine brightening our holiday, while
  • Kind and caring staff look after us as we enjoy
  • Wonderful meals which are mouth-watering and well-presented, including an
  • Amazing selection of dishes, which feature
  • Remarkable and exotic flavours. We love
  • Nutritious and delicious food, and take each meal time as an
  • Excellent opportunity to treasure our
  • Rare moments together and create priceless family memories!

This is our entry for Mark Warner Family Ambassador Programme in the Serious Foodie category. More details can be found here.

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