Summer Board Game Fun with the New Walkers Bugles

What a beautiful sunshine we are having lately! 

We are not sure how long it is going to last so we are making the most of it with fun family games.

Bugles 5

We have recently been introduced to the new Walkers Bugles, a delicious corn snack in a unique fun shaped cone and scrumptious crunchy texture. The cones are perfect for board games, so we thought we should get creative with it!

Bugles 1

Little man’s favourite game is snakes and ladders, we played it with Walkers Bugles and each player had a different flavour. Little man picked cheese, dad went for southern style BBQ and I chose sour cream and black pepper. Simply delicious!

Bugles 3

Somehow the playing pieces ended up disappearing, so we had to replace them several time throughout the game! We are still not sure what happened, but we all know we had a great time.

Bugles 2

We have also been playing draughts with Walkers Bugles. Instead of having the standard white and black pieces, we used the cheese flavours as the light colour pieces and the southern style BBQ flavour for the dark coloured pieces.

Luckily the BBQ coating was distinctive from the cheese flavour, making it perfect for the game! Since the objective of the game is to capture all of your opponent’s pieces, we thought it would be fair if they were eaten along the way.  

Bugles 4

What a fun and delicious way of playing board games and spending quality time with our family! We are looking forward to our next games!

Fancy your own board game with Walkers Bugles? They are available in all major supermarkets in sharing bags of 110g at RRP £1.99, multipacks of six 20g bags at RRP £1.50 and single bags of 30g at RRP £0.57.

Which games would you play with Walkers Bugles?

This post has been written in collaboration with Walkers, however the opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.

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