Summer Fun with ChillFactor Ice Cream Magic Tray

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! We love ice cream and there is nothing that reminds us of summer more than ice cream.

What’s better than eating ice cream? Making and eating it!

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A few years ago, we tried the ChillFactor Squeeze Cup and really enjoyed the idea of making our own frozen treats at home. We were very excited when we heard about ChillFactor’s new product: Ice Cream Magic Tray!

It comes with the ice cream unit and tray, jug, knife, scraper, spoon, pestle and mortar.

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It is very simple to use! You simply need to fill in the container underneath the metallic plate with water and salt, freeze it for four to six hours, then follow those steps:

1. Pour Flavoured Cream

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Once the metallic plate is frozen, mix your chosen ingredients in the included jug then pour onto the frozen metallic plate.

It is suggested to use flavoured cream as the base for the ice cream, but we tried with Greek Yogurt and it works very well too. We have been making ice cream and frozen yogurt, which were both delicious!

2. Smooth and Scrape

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ChillFactor Ice Cream Magic Tray creates ice cream in minutes, just like magic! As the metallic plate is frozen, the mixture freezes straight away.

Stir and scrape the mixture with the spatula to churn, and within seconds, you will have soft serve ice cream. 

3. Chop

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You can then use the special tools to chop and crush your favourite toppings, personalising your ice cream according to your taste!

Little man likes berries, so he chopped some berries to add to his ice cream.

4. Crush

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Little man crushed a biscuit, but you can also crush nuts and other toppings.

ChillFactor Ice Cream Magic does exactly what it says: it makes ice cream on a magic tray. Little man had so much fun exploring it and creating new flavours.

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I love the fact you can choose your own healthy flavours without additives.

Little man’s favourite frozen treat is made with Greek Yogurt with honey, chopped strawberries and blackberries, topped with chocolate sprinkles and crushed biscuits.

ChillFactor 9

I must confess we have all been using the Ice Cream Magic Tray, and maybe I have even been using it for my own frozen treats when little man is not looking… 

My favourite treat is Greek yogurt with honey and blackberry!

TOP TIP: To make more than one scoop, we recommend scrapping the first scoop, then putting in the freezer while you get the next scoop ready.

Blackberry 1

ChillFactor Ice Cream Magic Tray is available from Character Online and Amazon at RRP £19.99.

Which ice cream flavour would you create?

The product was provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed are honest and our own.

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