The Grossery Gang Yucky Mart Playset: Your Shoppin’s Gone Rotten!

When we heard about the Grossery Gang, we were intrigued and wanted to find out more about the new gross collectable, just like Shopkins for boys.

Grossery Gang 4

In case you haven’t heard about the Grossery Gang, it’s where stale is on sale and sold comes with mould. You can browse the vile aisle of putrid products and foul foods.

You can grab a Sticky Soda, Corny Chips or unwrap a Crusty Chocolate Bar. It is described as the One Slop Shop where the shoppin’s gone rotten.

Grossery Gang 5

There are over 150 characters to collect in the Grossery Gang with Limited Edition and Special Gang members. The Grosseries characters include gross greasies, sour dairy, half baked bakery, badly frozen, awful sauces, scummy sodas, barf-room supplies, stinky snacks, mouldy veg with mouldy finish, sticky sweet with sticky finish and trashed cans with metallic finish.

The Yucky Mart Playset is the one stop shop for grossness. The playset comes with two exclusive figures and we were also sent four foil bags with one surprise grossery and one milk crate each.

Grossery Gang 9

Little man enjoyed playing with the playset, displaying the grosseries on the shelves and keeping them chilled in the fridge display.

Grossery Gang 10

You can also pay for the grosseries at the counter cash register and launch them off during checkout. When you place the character on the launch pad, you need to press down the cash register to launch the character.

Grossery Gang 11

The Slurpie cup can be assembled in two positions, facing inside or outside. It has a secret passage for the figures to enter. You can dunk them in the slushie and spill out through the vile vent.

Grossery Gang 8

The fun doesn’t stop there, you can also cook the grosseries in the mouldy microwave. Little man enjoyed opening the door to place the grossery inside, then closing the top door and pressing down the side lever all the way to the bottom. The grossery then moved to the bottom door.

Grossery Gang 7

Little man really enjoyed getting to know the Grossery Gang and he can’t wait to expand his collection. There are so many grosseries to collect! So far he has Putrid Pizza, Hot Dog, Stinky Cheese, Burnt BBQ Sauce, Sticky Soda.

The Grossery Gang Yucky Mart by Flair is suitable for children aged 5 and over, available at major retailers for RRP £19.99, including Amazon.

The product was received free of charge for reviewing purposes, however the opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.

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