Festive Family Fun at Winter Wonderland

Every year, as part of our family tradition, we must go to Winter Wonderland and spend the day there. We always have a fantastic family day out, going on rides, enjoying some festive food and having fun together.

If you are after some great family entertainment, if will certainly find at Winter Wonderland. There are four shows  this year: Cinderella on Ice, Zippos Christmas Circus presents Lights, Camera, Action, Cirque Bersek ‘Rebellion’ and The Sooty Christmas Show. 

This year, we went to The Sooty Christmas Show, which is live daily at 11am and lasts for 45 minutes. We all really enjoyed joining Sooty, Sweep, Soo and Richard Cadell and laughing along their adventures and misfortunes. The special Christmas Show was a success with the whole family!

We also attended Zippos Christmas Circus Lights, Camera, Action! show. There were so many highlights, such as the sensational Wheel of Death which kept us on the edge our seat as there were no security nets underneath. The Havana Troupe of Acrobats were absolutely fantastic and so talented. 

It was very enjoyable watching Richard Cadell escape from a water tank, as Europe’s newest and most sensational escapologist. Little man is still trying to understand how he managed to escape!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Megadome, which is very comfortable and heated, perfect for those that want somewhere to keep warm while drinking hot chocolate and eating delicious popcorn. 

Once the shows were over, we explored the rest of the park. I was very proud of little man as he wanted to go on two big roller coasters: Wilde Maus XXL and The Munich Lopping, which is the world’s largest transportable roller coaster.There are over 100 rides and games, so there is something to keep each family member entertained. 

Winter Wonderland is available until 1st January 2018, from 10am to 10pm daily. For more information, please check: http://hydeparkwinterwonderland.com/

We were under no obligation to write this post, just wanted to share our experience.

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