Open Letter to New Parents: Joys and Challenges of Parenthood

Dear new mum and dad,

Being a parent is a very interesting experience, nothing compares to it. I should start by saying that I have always wanted to be a mum. I remember very well when I used to play with dolls in my childhood and wondered what my babies would look like once I became a mum.

Although everyone says it, I truly agree that you can only fully understand parenthood once you go through it. It does not matter how many books you may read before your child arrives, you will still not be prepared for the trials and tribulations ahead.

Since I became a mum, I understood how much my own mother loved me and what she did to look after me and make sure that I was always loved and protected. I am sure that you will be a fantastic parent, but it will not be an easy ride.

A lot has changed in the past few years, the rise of social media meant that every single day we are bombarded with pictures of perfectly happy families with well-behaved children that live in immaculate houses. Please do not compare your life and your family to these images as you will be setting yourself up for failure.

Parenthood is very enjoyable, you will love bonding with your baby, but it is also a stressful experience. Nearly half of new mums agree that parenthood can be a struggle, so you are not alone.

We have been through several tricky moments, especially in the early days of having a baby.

I remember spending several weeks writing my birth plan, explaining in details what I wanted to happen during labour. However, in the end, I had a traumatic labour experience, totally different to the one I planned.

Although parenthood did not start well, I cannot describe how I felt when I saw little man for the very first time. I was lost for words!

I love WaterWipes’s new TV advert, ‘When a Baby is Born, a Parent is Born’ featuring the highs and lows of becoming new parents. It reminds us that parenthood is not perfect and it is completely normal and acceptable to have good and bad moments.

Parenthood is a mixture of emotions, the pains that we go through in labour and the joy of meeting our new baby for the first time. How parents might not always agree on everything. You will probably have lots of arguments, even silly ones when you are too tired and not thinking straight. It is all part of being a parent!

We were blessed with a good sleeper, so I could not understand when he suddenly stopped sleeping one night. He seemed very hungry and he would not stop crying even after feeding. I had no idea what to do, so I started researching online and realised that he was probably ready for solids.

The next morning, I bought some baby rice and tried to give it to him. The guidelines at the time said that solids should be introduced slowly, only half a spoonful, however he kept asking for more and ended up eating a few spoonful. I panicked as I did not know whether I was making the right choice, but looking back, I now realise that there was no need to worry as I was simply following my baby’s needs.

I am sure you will go through similar experiences, you might not know what to do at the time, but my advice would be to trust your own instincts. At the end of the day, you are the parent and you know what is best for your child. Do not panic, do not worry, just take a deep breath and you will be able to find out what is best for you and your baby. 

Lots of love,


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