Baby Essentials: Bedtime Routine with New Baby Dove Range

Our new baby brings us so much joy each day! Although we already had another child when he came along, we were surprised to find out so much had changed in the past decade. It is like being a new parent as we are learning a lot with him.

When our eldest was born, we were told about the importance of bedtime routine and how having a warm bath each night would help him settle down and sleep. As we were leaving the hospital, the midwife showed us how to wash our baby, scrubbing his head and whole body with baby soap.

A lot has changed since those days. This time, we were not shown how to bath a baby and actually we were told that we should not give him a wash at all for several days in order to protect his delicate skin.

The health visitor then came round to our house and advised us not to use any soap for a few weeks. We should only give him a bath with water, without anything added, as his skin was very dry and flaky. Although we could not wait to try the new baby Dove products, we had to wait until we were given the all clear.

Once the baby’s skin settled, we started trying the sensitive moisture range, which is fragrance free, and ideal for delicate skin that need special care. As part of his daily bedtime routine, the baby has a relaxing bath before feeding. The head to toe wash left our newborn’s skin clean, while the lotion ensured it was moisturised and soft. He would then be ready to sleep in his moses basket.

The lightly scented products in the rich moisture range help retain their natural skin moisture, keeping the skin nourished and smelling beautifully. The nappy cream is gentle and effective, ideal for everyday use, while the shampoo leaves his hair feeling fresh and clean. In this range, you will also find a baby bar, head to toe wash.   

The baby wipes, available in the rich moisture and sensitive moisture ranges, are as gentle as water and suitable for newborns. They are perfect to use after each nappy change, as well as any spillages and toys that have been dribbled on. I prefer the rich moisture wipes as they smell lovely.

The whole baby Dove range is fragrance free, dermatologically tested and approved by paediatricians, so I know my baby’s skin is well looked after. He has been trying baby Dove for a few weeks and, as you can see in the picture, his skin is glowing! Although baby’s skin can lose moisture up to five times faster than our skin, baby Dove is helping to maintain its natural moisture.

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