Holiday Tips: Ensure Timely European Health Card Renewal to Get More Benefits

Happy July! I can’t believe the second half of the year has started. This year has gone by so quickly.

The holiday season is nearly here and now it is the perfect time to start getting ready for the summer holidays. If you are travelling to Europe, you might want to consider an European Health Card.

European health card, as the name suggests, is the most beneficial card for the treatment of UK residents in the country they are travelling. This card is issued free of charge for the citizens. European health card also allows everyone who is covered by a social security scheme of Switzerland and EEA countries. This card helps the insured people to get medical treatment in another member state at low cost or free. But, this is applicable only if the treatment is necessary for other states. Showing your European card can ease your work in the entire claiming process. Due to these benefits of the card, European health card renewal is very important. Let us discuss some of the benefits one can get on its renewal:

  • With a renewal period of 5 years, this health card helps the travellers and visitors get state healthcare facilities in all the European Economic countries. But, this facility cannot be utilised by those who travel to the foreign land especially for the purpose of medical treatment.
  • The health card holders are supposed to get discount or sometimes free medical assistance in the countries participating under the EEA. Thus, it is very essential for every cardholder to ensure E111 renewal of prior to plan any travelling.
  • This health card insures in various areas such as sudden illness and maternity assistance while you are travelling to other countries. Not just this, an E111 card renewal also helps in claiming back the amount which spent on the treatment when you return to the homeland.
  • E111 card renewal gives you the option of showing your European health cards in other countries. This also gives an option to be little charged for all the treatment payments. With this, you can save money over treatment expenditure.
  • Health card ensures covering the medical expenses just like E111 card.

For the renewal of the E111 cards and other health cards, one thing that is important to note is that you need to be a resident of UK. Insurability of the people is completely dependent on residency factor. In any case, you are a UK resident but not insured by any of the EEA countries. Then there is a chance of being entitled to the renewal of the E111 option.

European health card renewal is very simple and takes 5 minutes to complete the process. This can be applied online. All you need to do is fill in all relevant information such as name, address, date of birth, contact details and EHIC pin number in the E111 renewal form and submit it online.

European health card renewal is considered important for every UK resident. If you are a UK citizen travelling to any other within EEA and need sudden medical help then just show your E111 card and avail free treatment. And if you have spent money on the treatment then you can claim it back once you land to your home country.

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