Keeping Cool this Summer: Tips for when your home is too hot to handle

Summer is here, and it looks as though the warm weather is finally upon us! We are all used to enjoying a bit of sunshine, or maybe an afternoon or few hours in the sun, but many of us aren’t used to this prolonged spell of warm/hot weather!

It’s difficult to sleep, it’s difficult to find the energy we need to complete daily chores and tasks, it’s even harder to stop the kids from getting all hot and bothered! Many of us open our windows and seemingly let cool air in, but does that really make all the difference?

Those with air conditioning at home and laminate flooring which you can order online – seem to have it covered, so, what can we do to keep our homes cool during hot weather?

Here you’ll find some tips on how you can keep your home nice and cool this summer and take a break from the summer sun!

 Keep your blinds closed

Yes, we all want to see the beautiful summer sun. And it’s lovely to enjoy the sunshine filling our front rooms. But having your blinds open and allowing the sun to stream inside, will quickly turn your home into a greenhouse. Keeping the blinds closed with significantly lower the temperature in your home which is great news if you have been out in the garden and need a little relief. Some suggest trying blackout blinds or curtains – and most research suggest getting neutral or white colours with plastic backings to reduce heat gain!

Keep your doors open

By this, we mean the doors within your home. Allowing cooler air to flow throughout your home will mean that ever room will benefit during the hottest part of the day. Keeping the doors throughout your home open during the night will also help the cool air to flow.

No A/C? No problem!

If you don’t have the luxury or air conditioning, then don’t worry. This simple hack will get you feeling the breeze instantly. Grab yourself a fan and fill a large bowl with ice – let the air from the fan whip across the ice and you will get an instant, fresh breeze. Seriously. Try this.

When to let the air in

We get up in the morning and we’re rushing to the windows to let the “fresh air” in – it seems only logical, right?. But the truth is, the only air you are letting in, is the hot, stuffy air you are trying to find relief from! In the summer months, temperatures will decline in the evening, so then is the time to open the windows and let the cooler air filter into your home. Then, in the morning when the temperature begins to rise again, close the windows and draw the blinds.

The housework

To keep the temperature in your home low, avoid using things like the dishwasher and washing machine until later in the evening. These appliances give off heat, so it’s the perfect excuse to put off all those chores!

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