Creativity in Childhood with Microsoft Surface Go and Ben Fogle

Little man is such a creative boy, he loves creating, making and exploring. He is always trying to make something new. I never know what he is about to create with everyday items he finds around the house. 

This morning, for example, he was connecting the mesh from different fruit boxes to create a long thread. He then put them all together to make a long chain of colourful mesh. I wonder what he will create with them later!

As a child, I wasn’t as creative as little man, I loved solving maths problems but did not enjoy creating as much. As a perfectionist, I was somehow worried about not being able to create a perfect masterpiece. Luckily little man doesn’t share the same worries. I am proud that he has a wonderful imagination and amazing creativity.

According to a recent survey by Surface Go, 84% of parents also appreciate their children’s creativity and imagination, and see them as important for a child’s development as education. 

A few days ago, little man and I attended a fun event to celebrate the launch of Microsoft Surface Go, in partnership with John Lewis. The panel of parents, hosted by Ben Fogle, shared how they used technology to empower their children.

Interesting topics around creativity and imagination were discussed by Gillian Binks from Microsoft, William Jones from John Lewis, Jennifer Howze from BritMums and Education and Outdoor play expert Cath Prisk. 

Creativity is essential in problem solving. If you can think outside the box, you will find a way around it. Technology is a great tool to explore creativity and inspire children to be imaginative. 

We had a go at using the Surface Go and were impressed with how easy it is to use. As it is Microsoft’s lightest and smallest device, it was designed to be used and carried anywhere. Luckily, it features nine hours of battery life so you don’t need to interrupt your flow of creativity to charge it. 

After the discussion, we had a workshop with writer and artist Paul Kercal, exploring the world of art. Little man enjoyed creating an imaginary creature on the Surface Go using parts of different animals.

He was delighted with his creation and now he really wants his own Microsoft Surface Go, which has been added to his Christmas wishlist.

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