Let’s help save babies’ lives with Tommy’s Splashathon 2019

Every parent will agree that there is nothing like holding their child for the very first time. If I had to describe what I felt, it would be a mixture of happiness for finally meeting our bundle of joy, but also fear for knowing that they would fully depend on us for many years to come. Sadly, you cannot protect them all the time, no matter what you do, they will sometimes become ill and poorly.

Babies are well known for usually arriving when they are least expected and both of our children were born unexpectedly. The first one nearly died when I was in labour and was born through emergency c-section. The second one was born early and I wasn’t ready for his birth at all.

Although we were looking forward to meeting him, he made an entrance before my mum arrived from Brazil. She was meant to be present when he came to this world, but he could not wait.

If he was born a couple of days before, he would be considered premature. He had a few complications when he was born, so we had to stay in hospital for over a week. It was sad seeing him having the light treatment for his jaundice and not being able to hold him.

No matter what I went through during both births, I am grateful that we have two healthy boys as, unfortunately not everyone have the pleasure of meeting their babies.

A shocking one in four women lose their baby yearly, while they are expecting or during birth. I was very upset when I found out about this terrifying statistics. I cannot imagine what it is like to lose a child.

You can make a difference to this upsetting statistics by joining Tommy’s Splashathon, in partnership with Water Babies and supported by Peppa Pig. Tommy’s is hoping to raise an amazing £1 million this year with this special fundraising event to help fun life-saving research.

Tommy’s Splashathon helps save babies’ lives by undertaking important research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth, as well as proving pregnancy information to parents.

Up and down the country this week parents will be taking their little ones to a very special Water Babies baby swimming classes, with a fun Peppa Pig theme to help raise funds for Tommy’s. You can get involved by donating to the Splashathon here and taking the fun Water Babies swimming style quiz! I found out that baby boy is a real jolly roger. What is your little one’s swimming style?

Let’s help save babies’ lives. Make a splash, donate some cash! If you can donate £10, it could pay for a call with a Tommy’s midwife , £20 could fund one month of a PhD study on prematurity, £32 could help fund the placenta research clinic and £50 could help fund a midwife at a high risk clinic.

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