Another Chapter Completed: Graduation Ceremony

Home sweet home! As I put little man to bed this evening, the whole day went through my head. My Wednesdays are usually quiet, but today was different!

This afternoon it was my graduation ceremony. I am really pleased to have finally graduated after studying for so many year. Now I have a First Class degree in BSc Biological Sciences, I’m delighted!

When I first started university at the age of 17, I didn’t imagine it would take me over a decade to graduate.

I was studying law in Brazil when I decided to come to England during my second year to improve my English.

I said to my mum I would be here for 6 months, but it’s been nearly a decade and I’m still here. Once I finished my English course, I started a law degree in London.

However I decided to switch to biology when we realised that it was the right time to start a family. After all, becoming a teacher would be more family friendly than working as a solicitor.

My biology degree has been really intensive, I must admit there were times I thought of giving up. My degree has been full of surprises, I got pregnant at the beginning of the course and gave birth during my first year exams.

It was a long yet enjoyable four years of my life undertaking my biology degree. I have spent quite some time watching birds and observing their vigilance behaviour. Bird watching was peaceful and relaxing, but data analysis was quite tricky!

I cannot believe I managed to achieve a First Class degree. It is a dream come true! I wish my parents and my brother were here today, but I am glad I had hubby and little man with me when I graduated.

I was rushing so much today, I was working in the morning, then had to get ready quickly and choose an outfit. Little man and I made our way to the venue and hubby met us there. We had a lovely afternoon at the graduation ceremony and at the reception afterwards. It was a very emotional day!

I would like to say a massive thank you to my wonderful husband for all his support throughout my degree. I wouldn’t have achieved it without his help, support and patience.

If I didn’t have such an understanding husband to look after little man, I wouldn’t have been able to go to university in the evening after a full day at work.

Thank you so much sweetheart! Love you xxx

Now I’m just looking back at the pictures and thinking that I should be looking for a teacher training course!

One chapter completed, another chapter should be starting soon!

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