Thank You to a Special Teacher

Last night, we went to little man’s parents’ evening. His teacher mentioned how proud she is of his work across the curriculum and how much progress he has made this year. I am delighted with his achievements!

When I asked whether he was still chatty, she said that he was a “social butterfly” and that “he wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t chat.” I am aware he loves performing and acting, that’s what he enjoys doing the most.

It reminded me of when I was younger. I have always loved learning new things, maybe not all the time though. At home, I would spend long hours revising what we learnt at school and studying the upcoming topics and, as a result, I usually found the lessons easy and straight forward. I would do as much work as I could at home, until very late in the evening, so I could spend as much time as possible chatting at school.

Looking back at my childhood, I always think of a special teacher: Mrs E, my science teacher in Year 7. She was just amazing and has truly inspired my love for science. I haven’t seen her in many years so here it is what I would like to say thank you to my special teacher…

Dear Mrs E,

Thank you so much for teaching me and for always being patient, even when I just wanted to talk to my friends about something unrelated to the lesson. I am sorry for sometimes ignoring your requests to keep focused on my work.

I am grateful that your love for science has inspired me to become a biologist. Growing up, I never thought I would undertake a science degree, especially while raising a young child.

Although I was young at the time, you have truly made an impact on my life. I love how you taught us to investigate predictions and carry out investigations. It turns out that my son loves chatting and loves science too. We must be related!

Thank you for everything!


We all know how demanding teaching is and how hard teachers work. Not only they spend all day teaching our precious children, but they also look after their well-being and mental health.

Little man’s teacher has been wonderful this year. She was fantastic when he had to miss a few days of school to perform at the pantomime over the Christmas period. Like my teacher, she has been consistently helpful and supportive throughout the year.

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A massive thank you to little man’s teacher for everything she has done for him this year. Which gift set would your teacher like the most?

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