Little Man’s Holiday Learning Experience

We love going on holiday, we are fortunate to be an international family, so we get to travel often. Our families live abroad and, needless to say, we miss seeing them, but we always try and look at the positive side of everything – it is great being able to travel to visit them!

I came to England for a short holiday and never went back to Brazil (only on holidays), so I see my Living as an Eternal Holiday. I always loved family holidays and there is nothing like creating Special Memories at Family Holidays. We are lucky to have so many Unforgettable Family Holidays, where were spend quality time together and learn new skills and adventures.

Geneva 2009
Travelling by plane for the first time

Kids learn so many on holidays, from trying different cultures and cuisines, to learning new skills and trying new activities. Little man’s first holiday was to visit our family in France and Switzerland when he was only a couple of months old.

Although he was just a baby at the time, he was fascinated by the big ships in Geneva. He loved going on an airplane for the very first time, and looking at the clouds out of the window.

Cyprus 2009
Learn to enjoy beach and sand in Cyprus

A few months later, we went on another holiday and little man had already mastered being on an airplane. This time, we went to visit our family in Cyprus and he went to the beach for the very first time.

How he enjoyed having his little feet in the sand and in the sea water. He also had a great time lying down by the pool watching the blue skies.

Enjoying Coconut Water in Brazil
Enjoying Coconut Water in Brazil

When little man went to Brazil for the first time, he met his Brazilian cousins and tried some tropical food and drinks. He loved drinking coconut water straight from the coconut tree in the garden. He learnt where coconuts come from!

He also learnt new games by playing with his Brazilian cousins and started to learn how to speak another language, Portuguese.

Cyprus 2011
Learning to throw stones in Cyprus

When we went back to Cyprus the following year and little man was older, he learnt to thrown stones at the beach and splash sea water. He also learnt how hot other countries can be, compared to England.

 Apart from our holidays visiting family around the world, we also had the opportunity to visit Wales for the very first time. Wales is a great place for family holidays and while we were there, we had the chance to visit North Wales and enjoyed making sun castles at the beach. 

Holiday in North Wales
Holiday in North Wales

Little man also learnt that we can still go to the beach and have a great time when the weather is cold, we just need to put out jacket on and we are ready to have fun by the seaside. When we stayed in the 19th century seaside hotel located in Llandudno resort town, we noticed that Wales is beautiful and we would love to visit other places in Wales.

Little man has had so many great experiences while on holiday, he has tried lots of new activities, really enjoyed himself and learnt so much. Bring on our next family holiday so he can learn even more!

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