Special Memories at Family Holidays!

I’ve always loved travelling, visiting different places and trying new cuisine. I have recently compared my life to a holiday and I see myself as Living an Eternal Holiday.

Since I was little, holidays have always been special and a big part of our family tradition. My mum is a teacher, so she would have the summer holidays off (Christmas time in Brazil), but my dad has his own business, so we could go away whenever he could take some time off.

We had so many lovely family holidays, and when I think of them, all the beautiful memories put a big smile on my face. My dad used to have a pickup truck as I was growing up, which drove us to all our family holidays. He would cover the back of truck, put a mattress and travel overnight at the back together with a supply of food and drink.

 Childhood Family Holiday

My childhood was full of adventures, I loved travelling at the back of the truck. My favourite childhood holiday was to Caldas Novas, which is considered one of the largest hydro-thermal resort in the world. We used to stay at one resort with a lovely water park full of slides, and it was so much fun going down the slides with my brother. Once we were tired, he would go back to my parents and they would treat us to a crepe – yummy!

Our holidays might not have been fancy at the back of a truck – I was already 18 when I travelled by airplane for the first time – but our family holidays were so much fun! Each holiday was a different adventure, fun-packed family time with mummy, daddy and my brother, where we created special memories together as a family. If I could go back in time, I would go back to our holiday in Caldas Novas, the one that the skin on our hands and feet got so wrinkly from staying in the hot water pool for a very long time!

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