How Travel Has Changed in the Past 30 Year

We love spending time together, especially while sunbathing by the pool somewhere hot. Travelling is one of our favourite hobbies, we love visiting new places and trying different cuisines.

We are very lucky we’ve had so many Unforgettable Family Holidays, there is nothing like creating Special Memories at Family Holidays. I even see myself as Living as an Eternal Holiday!

Family Holiday!
Family Holiday!

James Villa Holidays is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, and they have created a fun infographic to highlight how travel has changed in the same period. 

Remember the time when we used to go to a travel agency to book our holidays?

Travel has changed substantially in the past few years, I clearly remember when I was 18, my mum had to go to our local travel agent to book my ticket to England. I arrived in England with a folder, full of tickets and travel papers. Travelling has become much more accessible nowadays. You can book holidays online with a click of a button, from the comfort of your own home. 

Furthermore, our travel habits have also changed. According to a recent travel survey, Britons now prefer to travel to Italy, instead of Spain, and Australia is now the most popular long haul holiday destination, instead of America!



How have your travel habits changed over the past few years? Have you discovered new destinations? Blog Post

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