Getting Fit: First Month Update and Top Tips for Healthy Lifestyle

Five weeks ago I decided that I wanted to become healthier, and it would be achieved without drastic changes or unrealistic goals. I decided that I would make small changes to our lifestyle and diet by including more healthy food and getting more active.

My busy lifestyle means that my days are non-stop from the moment I wake up. According to my activity tracker, I walk around 10-15k steps during the day. Even though I am constantly on the move at work, I felt the need to join the gym and dedicate half an hour a day to exercising.

Gym Selfie
Gym Selfie

I started by walking on the treadmill for a few minutes, and within a couple of weeks I was proud of achieving my first 5k run! I love running, but maybe I’ve overdone it as my knee is currently injured and I have been advised to take it easy and work out on the cross-trainer instead.

Apart from the knee injury, the first month has been great. I have been experimenting with healthy dishes, I am into smoothies at the moment, and I found out that it is possible to shop for healthy meals on a budget

Berries Smoothie
Berries Smoothie

I can definitely feel a substantial difference on my energy levels, and I am loving my new active lifestyle. I am known for being cheerful, but I definitely feel much happier over the past few weeks. I have lots of energy during the day, but I am very tired by the time I get home, which is perfect as I get to sleep as soon as I go to bed.

In case you are looking into getting more active, my top tips for a healthy lifestyle would be:

Make small changes

Every journey starts with a step. If you don’t exercise at all, try including a few minutes of exercise in your routine. You could get off the bus one stop earlier, and try to walk whenever possible.

Running Shoes

Set realistic goals

 It is important to have goals, but setting unrealistic goals will leave you feeling without motivation and that you have failed. Instead, you can set realistic goals, whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up or just get more active like me.

Take one day at the time

You won’t be feeling like exercising and eating healthy food every single day, fact. Allow relaxing days and also days in which you can eat what you like, everything in moderation is fine. A little of you fancy does you good, as depriving yourself of treats could lead to failure as it will be much harder to stick to healthy choices.

What are your tips for healthy lifestyle?

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