Getting Fit: Protein-Packed Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

As you are aware, I have embarked on a new healthier and more active lifestyle a couple of months ago, and I have been sharing my experience in our Getting Fit feature.

I started going to the gym and I am also trying to eat a more wholesome diet. I have been really enjoying my new lifestyle, I feel I have much more energy than before, and even shared my Top Tips for Healthy Lifestyle in my First Month Update blog post.

Jack Links

It is very important to include protein in your diet, and our body requires around 1g to 1.5g of protein for every kg of body weight, depending on how active you are. I have been trying protein-packed meals and also also protein-packed smoothies, but I still wanted protein-rich snacks to be enjoyed on the go.

Luckily I was sent some Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, and I was pleasantly surprised how lovely they taste. Jack Link’s, the world’s leading meat snacks brand, has recently launched their beef snacks in Tesco Express stores, so it is now easy and convenient to get hold of the tasty snacks.

Jack Links2

Jack Link’s Beef Snack is made using high quality New Zealand beef, seasoned and slow cooked and smoked using a family recipe. The 25g bars are high in protein and low in fat, perfect to be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet. The beef jerky is full of flavour and delicious, I love having a snack bar before hitting the gym and it was also a success with hubby.

As you might have been on social media, I am quite surprised with my progress over the past couple of weeks. I can definitely see more muscle definition and I am certain that my protein-rich diet helped me achieve it.

Jack Link’s Beef Snack is available at £1.30 at Tesco Express, however you can currently download a 50p voucher from Jack Link’s Facebook page:

The product was provided free of charge for review purposes, however the opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.

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