How to Create a Winter Beach in Your Garden

We love family holidays! Nothing like packing your bags and embarking on a family adventure together with your loved ones. We are very lucky we’ve had so many Unforgettable Family Holidays, there is nothing like creating Special Memories at Family Holidays. I even see myself as Living as an Eternal Holiday

Family Holiday!
Family Holiday!

We have booked our summer holidays and are so looking forward to it, counting the days to sunbathing and playing in the sun. As they say, you should wish your life away, but it’s good to have something to look forward to.

In the meanwhile, we will be creating a winter beach in our garden, so we can have some fun before summer arrives. On the beach asked us to create a winter beach within a space of our home or garden and those are our winter beach essentials.

How to create a winter beach in your garden:

Winter Beach 2

Beach reminds me of sand, water and sun. Unfortunately we can’t buy sun, so a sand and water table is the next best thing. Little ones can splash with the water in one side and build sandcastles on the other side.

Winter Beach 6

We usually make sandcastles at the beach, but this cute ice cream set is far too sweet. The seahorse shaped scoops are ideal to fill the ice cream cones, then top off with shell-topped sprinkle duster. Yum!

Winter Beach 4

If you can’t go to the beach, bring it to you. Family size pools are great for a quick splash in a sunny day. It’s a bit too cold at the moment, but spring should be here soon. This pool has built-in inflatable seats, so the whole family can relax in it.

Winter Beach 5

Although the pool is not too big, it is just right for a fun float to add more enjoyment to the winter beach. Little ones can even stay with their clothes on, and use the float as a boat in the garden How cool is that?!

What are your favourite beach toys and accessories?

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