What Would You Pack for a Family Holiday in Wales? #PackforWales

As you are aware, we love family holidays and we have been to quite a few so far. We love going away together and there is nothing like creating Special Memories at Family Holidays. We are lucky to have so many Unforgettable Family Holidays, where were spend quality time together going on new adventures.

Apart from our holidays visiting family around the world, we also had the opportunity to visit Wales for the very first time. Wales is a great place for family holidays and, when we stayed in North Wales, we noticed that Wales is beautiful and we would love to visit other places in Wales.


So what would you pack for our next family holiday in Wales?

First of all, you need a good backpack to keep all your holiday essentials, such as Berghaus Remote 30 Daysack. I love the fact it has a host of internal and external pockets, so you can keep all your items safe. As kids get hungry all the time, it is a good idea to include snacks and drinks to be enjoyed during the day, along with your backpack essentials.

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Wales Guides and Books:

Wales is known for its beautiful castles, which capture the rich and turbulent history of them. Each parapet and stone wall of Wales’s magnificent military landmarks tell the story of the history figures that built, defended, destroyed or restored them.

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One of my essentials is a pocket guide or book so you know which castles to visit during your stay. Together with a suggestions of attractions to visit, Visit Wales has a list of 10 unusual castles.

As an example, Beaumaris Castle, widely considered the most technically accomplished castle in Britain, is a castle to look out for on your next holiday. It is a great idea to take a waterproof notebook so you can make notes of the beautiful castles you find.

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Mobile Phone and Charger:

Although I have a professional camera, I usually take most of our holiday photos on my mobile phone, as I love sharing them instantly on our social media channels. As a result of using my phone rather a lot for photos, it is essential to pack a portable phone charger to make sure you don’t miss anything. I love my tea, so a thermal mug is one of my essential items too!

Don’t forget to pack a sturdy phone cover to make sure your phone is protected while recording family moments. I must confess I’m quite clumsy, but luckily my phone is safe with the rugged defender tough shockproof case cover, offering three layers of protection from impact and crushing: screen protection on front LCD, hard polycarbone to support extra protection and wrap outer silicone gel for additional shock absorbing.

Holiday in North Wales

Buckets and Spades:

When we stayed in the 19th century seaside hotel located in Llandudno resort town, little man loved going to the beach and making sandcastles. No matter the weather, it is always enjoyable making castles at the beach. Luckily we stayed only a short walk away from the beach, so every day we went for a nice walk, ice cream and sandcastles.

After appreciating so many beautiful castles in Wales, little ones can try and replicate their favourite ones, so don’t forget to pack buckets and spades for your holiday.

What would you take for a holiday in Wales? What are your backpack essentials for a family holiday?

This post has been written in collaboration with Visit Wales and Berghaus, however the opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.

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